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Cotterells Club

182 Cotterells, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP1 1JW

Welcome to our Club.

A  warm welcome to all of our members,old and new, together with anyone visiting our site for the first time, including CIU Associates. Here you will find everything you need to know about Cotterells Club. Having experienced the site feel free to come and visit us at the Club.

The Club was established in 1902 for the working man on land near to the River Gade, which was a connecting route to the Grand Union Canal where the barges were transporting food and goods throughout the country.

The location it was built on was also next to the Nickey Line which connected towns and villages together and ran along the Cotterells, the club was used by the workers on the train line and their friends on breaks and after work.

Since then the River Gade has been downsized to a stream and no more transporting via Horse and Barge, houses were built, towns were created and roads were laid, but the club  has never moved its only got bigger and became part of the Local Community.

The origin of the nickname the "Nickey Line" is shrouded in obscurity. Suggestions include being named for the parish of St. Nicholas in Harpenden, through which it runs; to Hemel's connection with Nicholas Breakspear; the knickerbockers worn by the navvies who constructed the line; or "down the nick", a slang term of engine drivers which meant "to run out of steam" and may have been applicable on the line's difficult inclines.

The trainline opened in 1877 and was closed down in 1947 due to a decline in passengers and a Harsh winter in 46/47 which caused a suspension of service, in 1948 due to the nationalisation of railways and redevelopment of Hemel Hempstead it remained closed and the Midland line was created for transporting goods and passengers.

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The Club has evolved over the years, it's one of only a few CIU Clubs in Hertfordshire and the only one in Hemel Hempstead.

It is the only Club in the area that has Entertainment on Stage every Weekend on both Saturday and Sunday Nights, with additional Caberet Nights on Fridays.

The Club is a Members Club, but its also a Family Friendly Venue and children are always welcome, the Club  allows guests to come in and enjoy the atmosphere but must be signed in by a member.

Membership is available all year round, Prices dependent on Criteria at time of Applying and subject to Committee approval.